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Free IQ Test

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The test takes 5 minutes or less and is 93-96% accurate for native English speakers. This free IQ test is only appropriate for those 15 years of age or older.

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Do not look ahead at the questions until you are ready to begin!

Read the following instructions carefully before taking the test.

The free iq test consists of 9 questions, which must be answered within 5 minutes. Most of the questions are multiple choice but a few are open ended and require direct input of a numeric or textual value.

The 300 second timer to the right of the page will be started and counted down as soon as the "Begin Test" button is suppressed. 97% of participants are able to complete all answers within 5 minutes but you should keep a brisk pace.

Written notes for computational purposes are allowed.

When finished, press the "Submit IQ Test" button to process your results. If the timer reaches 0, points will begin to be deducted from your score.

Free IQ Test Questions Follow

Seconds Remaining


Roger's grandfather's son could be Roger's daughter's grandfather.


Which 2 of these 6 figures are least like the others.


What is the number that is one-tenth of one-fourth of one-fifth of one-half of 12,000?


The fifth consonant appearing at the beginning of this sentence is the letter "i."


If Tina swims 4 miles upstream at 1 mph and back downstream to the same point at 4 mph, what is her average speed?


What word best completes the following series?   artery, beach, circle, ____, eucharist


Which 2 of these 6 figures are least like the others.


What number best completes the following series?   1, 9, 25, __, 81, 100


If the second day of the month is a Monday, then the eighteenth day of the month is a Wednesday.


If some Mees are Moos and all Moos are Yees, are all Yees also Mees?


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